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Wood Belt Banff Care 308

  • Buckle model: Care. Care is a rounded curved buckle as a perfect match to business and casual fashion wear.
  • Belt width: 30mm. A belt width of 30 mm is usual for business belts.
  • Wood type: Walnut. Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood that is very strong and stable with the beautiful color range.
  • Belt material: Vegetable tanned leather. We use natural vegetable tannins to alter the hide's protein structure, causing it to become leather. Such leather has many advantages: naturalness, eco-friendly, style, timelessness, strength, flexibility, and durability. Vegetable-tanned leather is considered of higher quality and will last longer than synthetically treated leather. However, it takes at least 28 times longer to make, which is part of why vegetable-tanned leather only makes up roughly 10% of all leather available today.
  • Belt material color: Brown. Brown belt material color fits great with wooden buckles from maple and beech.

Sophisticated craftsmanship solution to fix designers’ wooden buckles made of used wood offcuts to the leather with wooden screws.

High-quality one-piece cowhide leather, soft and vegetable tanned. A unique combination of the wooden buckle with classic business or casual leather 30 or 40 mm wide is excellent and never out of fashion.

Elegant leather colours. Any gender friendly.

No metal, no allergies, airport friendly.

Easy repair and re-use since we don’t use any sewing.

At the end of the journey, all models are biodegradable.

The product is based on the Impact Design with high social and environmental impact.

Feel good. Look good. Do good.

NUT series

The fashionable and uniquely designed NUT series brings innovative solutions to fix the buckle to the belt with the wooden nut, screw, and clamp.

You can assemble your NUT belt by choosing different belt elements – buckle model, belt width, wood type, belt material and colour of the material.

• Belt fixed to buckle with wooden nut and screw
• No metal parts or sewing used
• Size adjustment level: moderate
• Possible personalisation
• Fashionable, innovative and unique design

Wood Belt Size

WOOD BELT measures size from end of belt (including buckle) to the centre hole.

Full length of belt is 15 cm (6 inch) longer then the belt size.

To determine WOOD BELT size, measure your existing belt from the buckle to the hole mostly used.

This measurment will be the center hole and the belt size of your new WOOD BELT.

In this example you would order 105 cm (42 inch) WOOD BELT.

Wood Belt standard sizes:

  • XL 115 cm (46 inch)
  • L 105 cm (42 inch)
  • M 95 cm (38 inch)
  • S 85 cm (34 inch)
  • XS 75 cm (30 inch)

Luxury Leather Wood Belt Banff Care 308

SKU: BanffCare308
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